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ctrlR provides reliable IP telephony services of unmatched quality. IP telephony is a method of telephony that transmits voice-over internet telecommunications. The information is transmitted the same way as all other data. This kind of service has considerable advantages. Beyond better sound quality, this service is highly flexible and more affordable than a traditional telephone service. Take advantage of a reliable, sophisticated IP telephony service.


From Vision to Implementation. A sound strategy is the compass of your organization and helps you achieve above average returns and a sustainable future. Sometimes a fresh look at existing data – whether internal or external – can reveal profound insights that can, in some cases, completely pivot the strategic direction of an organization.


Our flexible IT support services can be adapted to any situation. Need occasional assistance or a technician at your office every week? We have the solution you need.


Are your systems secure? Have you chosen the right software and hardware to protect yourself against all risks? Our team analyzes your current practices and needs to recommend the best solutions. We build centralized solutions in line with your company’s growth. We also make sure that sensitive data does not leave the company via laptops or emails.


Backing up data is very important to make your data available and accessibleat all times. There are many backup tools, but you need to know which are optimal for your business. You should get expert advice to be able to count on a quick restoration service and optimal recovery times. In terms of backup, the methods and equipment used must be optimal and available at all times so that you can benefit from high availability when an even actually occurs. The backup approach and processes may differ from one environment to another. That’s why businesses of all sizes entrust ctrlR with all of their backup needs. Have a copy of your current data security in hand to help restore your computer systems during an incident. Get peace of mind in case of disaster and recover your information securely. Get our expertise for high-quality service and increased reliability. With ctrlR, you will benefit from fast service, applications and solutions that help you to prevent data loss, which will ensure ultra-fast, verified data restoration and complete visibility at all times. Rely on us to modernize your technology environment and benefit from a secure data centre—all while reducing IT infrastructure investment costs.


Information transfer between different technology services and the reliability of links provide users with increased performance of their digital environment. With growing numbers of connected devices, your organization’s networking reliability is the basis of its performance. Opt for robust, customizable solutions that will help your company benefit IT that is working to its full potential. We can help you complete your various projects: • Network architecture • Bandwidth optimization • Secure wireless • Intersite (multi-site) networking • Redundancy Our networking solutions experts can ensure that your network performs optimally by consolidating your data center, balancing traffic within your infrastructure and balancing its workload. A properly configured network will ensure better applications’ availability, simplified network management and the reduction, even elimination of bottlenecking.


The solutions recommended by us provide better reliability and the ability to improve your group’s productivity and processes. Protect your information and data by entrusting us to host your email. You’ll also benefit from unparalleled support.